Continuing Education Centre (Programmes)

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The Centre award Diplomas only for National Diploma, Higher National Diploma and Post-Higher National Diploma to students on successful completion of the academic work at the end of the session.

Programmes Available at ND & HND Levels

    Faculty of Business & Communication Studies [FBCS]

            Business Administration & Management; Public Administration; Local Government         Studies;  Marketing, Mass Communication; Music Technology; Office Technology &         Management; and Purchasing & Supply.

    Faculty of Engineering (FENG)

            Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Civil Engineering;

            Computer Engineering; Mechatronics Engineering

    Faculty of Environment Studies (FES)

            Arts Design & Printing Technology; Estate Management; Land Surveying & Geo-informatics; Quantity Surveying; Building Technology; Urban & Regional Planning[ND, HND & FTP Levels].

    Faculty of Financial Management Studies (FFMS)

            Accountancy; Banking & Finance; Insurance

    Faculty of Science

            Mathematics/Statistics; Science Laboratory Technology; Computer Science;          Geological Technology; Microbiology; Physics with Electronics; Applied Chemistry.