Polyventures Limited – Services

Dr. M.K. Lawal

General Manager Polyventures,

Contact us: polyventures@polyibadan.edu.ng


The major services of the Polyconsult include the following:

Feasibility report, Business plans, Personnel management, Revival of dying companies, Training and Development, Land scalping, Land surveying, Mapping, Geographical information system, Construction, Information and communication technology services, Human resources provider, Small scale businesses consultancy, Poverty alleviation, Restructuring, Re-engineering as well as Vocational services combined with Retirement Seminars and Workshops.   


In 2003, all the businesses of The Polytechnic, Ibadan were put together under the same umbrella body called Polyventures limited.

Polyventures, The Polytechnic, Ibadan was established as a registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission as a limited Company established by Law.

The Company kicked off with the appointment of Mr. Rasheed A. Abdulai, a re-known and retired Banker as the first General Manager. He doubled as the General Manager and Director of Studies of Polyconsult, a subsidiary of Polyventures Limited. Technically, he was also the head of Polyconsult as Managing Consultant.  After the exit of Mr. R.A. Abdulai in June 2017. Mr. Adeosun Adekunle John was appointed as Acting General Manager until the appointment of Dr. M.K. Lawal in January, 2019 as General Manager till date.

The company started operation with five (5) units namely Polyconsult, Guesthouse, Printing Press, Bookshop, and Computer Literacy Centre which later transformed to Information and Communication Technology Training Center.

The Company increased its services in 2014, with the establishment of Bakery and later in 2019, Confectioneries Making was added to the business. The Construction Block Making Industry and Vegetable Farm were also added in 2019. Selling and Slaughtering of cows and goat – abattoir – was included in 2020.


The Guest House is located within The Polytechnic, Ibadan to provide catering and Hotel service for The Polytechnic, Ibadan Community. The unit is headed by a Manager who oversee all the activities of other members of staff. The unit provides bar services, lodging and accommodation and catering services.


The Polytechnic, Ibadan printing press is one of the units that took-off with the Polyventures at inception. The unit activities include printing textbooks, answer scripts as provided by the Institution, identity card, banners, calenders, diaries, posters, handbills etc.

The unit is headed by Printing Supervisor who oversee the activities of the section.


Bookshop is another unit of The Polytechnic, Ibadan Ventures Limited saddled with the responsibilities of selling text books and other stationery for the Polytechnic, Ibadan Community. The unit is headed by Bookshop Manager.


The unit was established in 2001 to provide training for students within and outside the Polytechnic, Ibadan Community. It is headed by a Manager who is an ICT expert. The unit offers the following services.

Computer Training, web designing, Hardware maintenance and repair, software development, online processing etc.


The unit was established to provide bakery and confectionery products for the entire Polytechnic, Ibadan Community. It is headed by Bakery Manager. The unit provides bread, doughnut and other confectioneries for The Polytechnic, Ibadan Community and customers outside the Campus.


The block making industry is established to provide various kinds of block for the staff of The Polytechnic Ibadan Community at cheaper price. The unit is headed by Chief Operator who oversee the activities of other staff. They provide building block in various sizes and design.


The farm was established to provide vegetable of different species to the entire staff and students of the Institution. It is headed by Farm Manager.


The unit is newly established by Polyventures Limited in conjunction with Goat and Sheep Utilization Farmers Association of Nigeria (GASUFAN). The unit is involved in live sales of goats, sheep, cows and processing of mutton, Barbecue, Asun, Diary etc.