Hey, good news if you want to be a teacher in Abia State! They’re hiring for 2024, and you can sign up on their website at www.abiastate.gov.ng.

The Teaching Service Commission in Abia State is looking for qualified folks to teach in government schools for both big and little kids.

If you’re considering applying for the 2024 teacher recruitment for secondary schools in Abia state, this article has all the necessary information. And guess what? The form you need is free! Don’t give money to anyone for it. You can find the form online on the Abia State Teachers portal.

Ready to apply? Awesome! Follow the instructions we’ll give you here to fill out the form and submit your application. Good luck!

Is the Abia Teachers Recruitment Form Out?

Excited about the Abia SUBEB recruitment form? Want the latest info on the Abia State Teachers’ recruitment form for 2024?

Just so you know, the Abia SUBEB recruitment form for 2024 is not available online yet. If you’re interested in the Abia State teacher recruitment, you can learn more about how to apply when the form is out.

Depending on your education, you might be eligible for various positions. Take it easy, read this info, and get familiar with the recruitment process if you have a degree and want to apply.

Qualified Teachers are Needed for the Following Subjects

  • Commerce
  • Basic Science
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • CRS
  • Civic Education
  • Computer Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • History
  • Islamic Religious Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Abia State Teachers Recruitment Requirements 2024

Abia State is hiring teachers for 2024! If you want to apply, go to www.abiastate.gov.ng and register on the application portal.

To be eligible, you need one of these qualifications:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must be Fluent in the English Language.
  • Good Teaching Skills.
  • B. Ed, B.A (ED)
  • B.SC. (ED), or NCE in Sciences and Languages
  • Having an NTRC Certificate is optional.

Upload these documents on the application portal tsc.Abiastate.gov.ng. Print them out because you’ll need them on the day of the examination or screening.

If you can teach certain subjects, you should submit your application completely to the portal.

Abia State TESCOM Application Portal for 2024

Remember, to apply for Abia TESCOM, go to www.abiastate.gov.ng. Don’t give money to anyone for the application form; it’s free on the website.

The application is simple. If you meet the requirements, there’s nothing to stress about.

How to Apply for the Abia State Teachers Recruitment

Applying for the Abia SUBEB job might seem tough, but it’s actually pretty simple. Go to www.abiastate.gov.ng to get all the info and complete the form.

  • Go to the website www.abiastate.gov.ng
  • Find the section for applying or jobs
  • Make a new account and complete the application form correctly
  • Send in your application as soon as you finish applying

Don’t start the application if you don’t have the right credentials. If you begin but don’t finish, it could affect your ability to apply for Abia SUBEB. So, make sure you’re ready before you start!


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