Explore your Npower Batch C pre-selection status for 2024 by visiting the Npower pre-selection portal on this website. Learn how to check candidates’ names on the Npower pre-selection list portal at www.nasims.gov.ng.

All Npower Batch C applicants are encouraged to verify if their names appear among the pre-selected candidates for the upcoming physical verification. The specific date for the verification exercise will be communicated to you shortly. Stay tuned for further instructions.

Successful candidates can check their names in various categories, including Npower Health, N-Tax, N-Teach, N-Build, N-Agro, N-Tech, and N-Creative. Ensure to verify your status in the respective category you applied for.

Shortlisted applicants are urged to promptly enroll their biometric data to qualify for the final selection stage of the N-POWER Batch C (Stream 1) program. Ensure timely completion for consideration in the next phase.

How to Check N-Power Pre-Selection List 2024

To check your name on the N-Power pre-selection list, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Npower portal at www.nasims.gov.ng.
  2. Navigate to the link labeled “Check Preselection Status.”
  3. Provide your Email Address and Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  4. Click on “Check Status” to view your pre-selection status.

If you’ve been pre-selected, expect to receive an email or SMS notification confirming your status and outlining the next steps. Additionally, you’ll need to participate in a physical verification exercise to validate your eligibility for the program. Stay alert for communication regarding these processes.

Additionally, start preparing for the upcoming physical verification exercise. N-Power, a flagship youth-focused program initiated by the federal government since 2016, has successfully provided massive employment opportunities for Nigerian youths.

The pre-selection list is typically released in batches, so if your name isn’t on the first list, check again later. Ensure accuracy in your application details to boost your chances of pre-selection. Checking the N-Power pre-selection list is crucial in the recruitment process. By following the outlined steps, you can easily check your status and proceed accordingly for program selection.

N-Power Verification Process 2024

The N-Power verification process is essential in confirming the accuracy of the information provided by applicants during the application phase. It aims to ensure that only eligible candidates who meet the criteria are chosen for the program.

Once pre-selected for the N-Power program, the subsequent step is the physical verification exercise. This stage necessitates the presentation of original copies of your educational qualifications, identity documents, and other pertinent records to validate the information submitted during the application. Additionally, a fingerprint biometric verification exercise will be conducted to confirm your identity.

News on N-Power

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has temporarily suspended the activities of the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA), which includes the suspension of the MPower program. This decision comes in response to an ongoing inquiry into reported misconduct within the agency’s management and programs.


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